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Short description

- I am an assistant professor (rtd-a)  at the Department of Business, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics  'Bruno de Finetti'  of the University of Trieste.  I teach the courses Advanced Statistics, Statistical and Machine Learning, and Bayesian Statistics for the Data Science and Scientific Computing Master degree provided by the Department of Mathematics and Earth Sciences and the master degree in Statistical and Acturial Sciences at DEAMS.


- I got my PhD in Statistics among the Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padova. In the period January-July 2016, I was a visiting scholar among the Department of Statistical Sciences of the Columbia University, New York. 

- My research topicsBayesian statistics (relabelling algorithms, mixture priors, scientific replications, clinical trials design) and statistical modelling (model-based clustering, sports models).


- Teaching: Statistical Methods for Data Science and Bayesian Statistics.

- Statistical consultancy to doctors, psychologists and small firms.

- I am an elected member of y-Sis, the young chapter of the Italian Statistical Society

- I am the deputy chair of the ISI Special Interest Group in Sports Statistics

hHeHHHmy CVr(up to 2022) (e

My research topics

Bayesian theory

Applied Bayesian

Sports models



Hierarchical modelling

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