Short description

- I am an assistant professor (rtd-a)  at the Department of Business, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics  'Bruno de Finetti'  of the University of Trieste.  I teach the courses Statistical Methods for Data Science and Bayesian Statistics for the Data Science and Scientific Computing Master degree provided by the Department of Mathematics and Earth Sciences.


- I got my PhD in Statistics among the Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padova. In the period January-July 2016, I was a visiting scholar among the Department of Statistical Sciences of the Columbia University, New York. 

- My research topicsBayesian statistics (relabelling algorithms, mixture priors) and statistical modelling (model-based clustering, sports models).


- Teaching: Statistical Methods for Data Science and Bayesian Statistics.

- Statistical consultancy to doctors, psychologists and small firms.

- I am an elected member of y-Sis, the young chapter of the Italian Statistical Society

- I am the deputy chair of the ISI Special Interest Group in Sports Statistics

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My research topics

Bayesian theory

Applied Bayesian

Sports models



Hierarchical modelling